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Jeffrey Fowle speaks to reporters for first time

This is a minute-by-minute account of the first interview with Jeffrey Fowle on Friday since his return from North Korea.
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Trick-or-Treat Nights for southwest Ohio

See the full list of area Trick or Treat listings for your community

Monday at 5: I-Team investigates DUI crash hot spots

Each week, it's likely that you or someone you love is driving through a DUI hot spot--places where impaired drivers lost or took lives.
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Jeffrey Fowle speaks to reporters

Fowle makes first public statements

Jeffrey Fowle said Friday he meant to leave a bi-lingual Bible hidden in a North Korean restaurant restroom, and no one else helped him or encouraged him to do it.
Looking back: 2013 Halloween tornadoes

Looking back at the 2013 Halloween Tornadoes

On this date last year, strong storms moved through the region that produced two tornadoes. The first touched down in a populated area east of downtown Vandalia at about 11:30 P.


5-day forecast with Meteorologist Rich Wirdzek

5-day forecast with Meteorologist Rich Wirdzek
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Live traffic conditions

Get live traffic conditions now and listen to Sgt. Mark Bowron mornings and afternoons on News 95.7FM and AM1290 WHIO


Trooper took sex acts to rip up traffic tickets

Trooper took sex acts to rip up traffic tickets

A former state trooper faces up to nine years in prison for having sex with, groping, photographing and harassing women he stopped on Ohio roadways and then ripping up their traffic tickets or not citing them in the first place.
Man indicted for alleged rape of girls under 10

Man indicted for alleged rape of girls under 10

A Montgomery County grand jury handed down indictments against Kenneth Callender of Dayton, 53, for two counts of rape of a child under the age of 10.


Touchdown 7 preview

WHIO-TV Sports Director Mike Hartsock previews the big high school football games tonight.
Colossal crowds expected to crush Giants parade

Giants players smile, mug for crowd during parade

Under gray skies and a steady mist, tens of thousands of San Francisco Giants fans watched their favorite players take photos, wave and mug for the crowd from atop double-decker buses, as the team's victory parade wound through downtown on its way to City Hall.


Kristin Scott Thomas to play UK queen onstage

Kristin Scott Thomas is about to don Helen Mirren's tiara. Producers announced Friday that Scott Thomas will star as Queen Elizabeth II in a new West End production of "The Audience.
Gone Girl

‘Gone Girl’ gets hilarious parody featuring cats

The best-selling book turned hit movie “Gone Girl” has received the parody treatment from a website for pet lovers.


Urbana averaging 100 water main breaks a year

WHIO's Brian Bondus learned the City of Urbana has about 100 water main breaks a year and had 10 one week in October.

Burglary thwarted at local Verizon store after glass refuses to break

Burglary thwarted at local Verizon store after glass refuses to break


Northern Lights Put on Spectacular Show Over Sweden

Swirls of green filled the skies over Abisko National Park in Sweden on Friday (October 12) in one of the most intense auroral displays in recent decades, according to Chad Blakley, a tour guide and v


Why The Cleveland Cavaliers Are 'A Team To Be Reckoned With' This Season

Robert Silverman, Sekou Smith and Josh Martin join Marc to explain why they feel that the Cleveland Cavaliers will dominate the NBA this season.

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